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Guess what everybody..........


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yea, they arent much cheaper than the regulars ones.. they are even lighter.. but only 8 hrs of continous play, and I heard their battery life is really short.. I wanted one of those first... but a lot were being returned because of the battery... :confused:


I hope this one doesnt die out on me so fast.. I plan to get a lot of usage out of it! lol

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I got the iRiver H-120 20gig player off Ebay back in August. FM, full recording, optical and analog line-outs to hook up to a stereo, longer battery life, zero software to install, etc...

and its the same size as an iPod. :cool:


the only problem is people see it and ask "ooh, is that an iPod or an mp3 player?" :o :dozey:


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:angry: dont rob me of my glory you!!! *shakes fist in air*


*robs you* :sneaky:


Dont even get me started on iPod Mini, Shuffle and Photo. All overpriced items... they just get bought because they're iPods. :rolleyes: :P



grrr! I agree the shuffle is stupid... whats the point... *shrugs* but I like my little purchase.... and it looks hella cute! :P

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isn't an iPod just a glorified hard-drive?




grrrrr :angry: *shakes fist in air*


trying to rob me of my glory are you!!?? Well, technically yes... it is a glorifed hard-drive.. but its portable!! :) and I hate the stupid 'ear buds'.. I need a decent set of headphones.. none that stick in my ear and hurt.. :embarrased: but, I like it.. its more convenient than carrying around cds and a bulky cd player when I go into Manhattan or Brooklyn when I'm on public transportaton.. and I can take it with me to the gym! And I dont have to suffer thru that crappy dance stuff they play there.. :) :P


jealous the whole lot of you.. :P :embarrased:

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