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European Constitution


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i mean the day when the people decide their rights for the next 4 years, i mean the election day, most people don't vote and they want to keep their rights.... :/


is like if you supouse that your friend took the notes of the day lessons and bring it to your house even if you didn't told him to do it... :/ then you won't have to surprise if he didn't gave you the day lessons... you know. :/

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I think some countries won't even have the referendum,like Germany if i'm correct.

Beside when you go to elections you elect or re-elect your goverment, most of your rights are based in constitution,so not many things change really. :)

Plus there is increase of distrust in politicians.

High percentage of votes are really in countries with major fundamental changes, like Iraq.

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mmm well you are right... but then the things will be the same i mean people won't be paying attention about politics and then the history will repeat... :/


anyways this can be a general thread about politics... :) so you can discuss other things about it not only votes and rights. :)

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