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school project on coldplay

carole king

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im relatively new to the band and i am doing sort of a research project on the this quarter and i would reallyl appreciate it if you guys would tell me some things that you think are interesting about the band, lesser known facts and such. thanks for the help in advance :)

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well, im doing an "enrichment" project on them. You are SUPPOSED to look into something new that you have never gotten into before, i kinda broke that rule, but i have to write a short biography, anylyze a few songs and make some visual aids and such. also going to bring in a rush of blood to the head.


and thanks guys.

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chris is the eldest of 11 or 12... i didnt get that...years??

i dont know any of the not obvious things :shrug: but why are you doing a school project, is it in music class?

he is the eldest of 11 or 12 other children. did that clear it up for you?
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