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Is it possible to connect a guitar directly to a PC?


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i wanna record some stuff to my computer but im not sure if i can just directly plug the guitar in to the line in socet

I do have an effects processer if I need to connect the guitar to something else first

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The best way to do it is to simply mic up your amp. But for this you'll need a mixer or pre-amp. Then connect the output of the mixer to the line-in of your soundcard.


The next best thing would be to use the output from your amp, or a DI box.


You shouldn't just go straight from your guitar output into the soundcard, because a dry guitar signal is not at line level, which is what you really need for a good quality recording. It will work, but the quality will be horrible.


The best soundcard for the price is the M-Audio Audiophile 24/96. It's only about 70 quid, but it's a seriously good quality card.




Sound Blasters aren't too great for recording. They're okay, but they're for made for gamers first and musicians second.

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