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X&Y is gonna be the best album of all time, thats my opi


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:stunned: no pressure on the boys, eh??!



I am even more curious to hear the album now, since I found out that 'Talk' wasnt even mixed properly.. and was never meant to be on the album... it really doesnt give me a hint on what the record will sound like.. but it was a totally different sound for them.. I guess thats where the excitement stems from.. I can't wait either!

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i think it will be much improved from parachutes' date=' and improved from a rush of blood to the head......so basically it will follow the bands progression. so please do 6 or 7 albums coldplay please![/quote']


I would be happy if Coldplay records 3 more albums and calls it quits, then if they make this their last record..........Coldplay still has at LEAST 3 or 4 records left in them :cool:

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I believe that X&Y is gonna be the better than A Rush...

The songs avaiables to downloads, that I heard were excellent, won't be wast of time to see another show of Coldplay, the album is gonna be great \o/, I have no doubts about that :D

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