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  1. I'm gonna watch with my friends next week. But, the third movie let me so disappointed :/ ... I'm gonna wacth just to enjoy my vacation :P
  2. Las Vegas= be cause I'm fan of Grissom. And my favourite character of CSI is in CSI Las Vegas, Sara Sidle. :) But I try to watch CSI Miami e NY too. I'm fan of CSI \o/
  3. Speed Of Sound, I like both songs... I adore Fix You live, but I prefer Speed Of Sound
  4. I didn't knew it, that's so wired. xD
  5. Parachutes = Everything's Not Lost AROBTTH= A Rush Of Blood To The Head
  6. Yas


    Boa sorte pra todo mundo daqui que participou da promoção... E tomara que tenha mais shows de Coldplay po aqui o mais rápido possível. :)
  7. I liked this movie. I've only watched tosse Jude Law hehehe *____* But, I realy liked this movie, the end it's so interesting, this movie chaned my way to see relationships, and I agree so heartbreakig, but I liked. I had to stop and think about the movie to started to like :D , but it's a great movie.
  8. This is so unfair, this songs are so special. I voted for Clocks because, when I heard this song, I started to listening more Coldplay after hear Clocks, make me search for more songs, buy cd's.. Become fan of Coldplay \o/ So a vote for Clocks. :)
  9. A "Warning Sign" it's a great song. It's a song so beautifful. But my favorite is "Clocks". :) "Amsterdan" e "Daylight" are also great songs. Especially live. \o/ :D
  10. Portuguese- My mother idiom English- Trying. Spainsh- I'm learning, started to learn last year.
  11. Rio de Janeiro, please... I'm starting to think, concerts in Brasil only next year... :/ :cry:
  12. Does she still alive? Well, I singned the petition because she had great songs, and a beatifful voice, and I like of her songs... She was pretty cool. Free Fiona Now \o/
  13. Buá, I never heard this version... :'(
  14. Yas

    Speed of Sound

    I agree. \o/ This song is so amazing, so cool... the album must be almost ( or totally) perfect. I do respect who dosen't likes Coldplay, but it's so wired... This album is gonna be better then A Rush, that's for sure. :D
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