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hey im new here and as it early in the morning and im bored i'll introduce myself. massive coldplay fan, going to see them live again this summer although whether its at glastonbury (the worst kept secret ever) or at bolton depends on i dont know yet, i cant afford both, if i get a glastonbury ticket i'll get there if i dont my friend has saved me a bolton ticket which he'll sell on if i dont want it, good arrangement hey!!! ive seen coldplay live 3 times already, an early gig in leicester, the 1 big sunday gig in leicester and at nottingham arena. my friends tell me coldplay hav no character but chris has more personality than any other rock star right now and it helps coldplay live as if we're going to be honest they're not the most gripping band to go and see although they do write fukin awesum tunes, wot more do i need to say.............



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