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B-E-A-UTIFUL weather in toronto!!


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who's loving it as much as i am? :cool: :cool: it's sunny, warm. *happy sigh* good weather makes me happy :D

we had a shitty weekend yeah, but this is a billion times better :D

not a single cloud in sight.

i went out and played soccer today.


plus, it's supposed to go up to 18C on wednesday!! :stunned:

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aww nooo. summer is so much better, you can do so much more also.

swimming, outdoor summer sports (which there are a lot more of then winter), CAMP!, no school, light clothing.


plus, its easier to cool down then it is to warm up :cool:

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:stunned: ouch.


i hate when that happens. it happend to me last week, i was holed up writing an essay and couldn't enjoy it.


that's why i made a topic about it today, because i did enjoy it :D


Yah, thats what has been happening to me ...lately. I have 3 papers due this month, all before exams start and I got extensions on them all, which just makes me put it off even more.

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