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torrent accelerators?


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well you know how you set up your shared ratios in your preferences in whatever program you use, well make sure you don't limit your uploading ratio or slots too much, because that usually will counter effect the rate at which they let you or allow you to download from. with torrents they kinda set up a fail safe to make sure you are sharing what you download so people don't get screwed and so if you seed what you download and not to remove them immediately. to and extent, doesn't have to be complete but just keep in mind for best to just keep them both at unlimited. i mean thats the only thing you really can do to up your chances of a faster rate of download, that and a good speed connection, a good seed number of seeds but thats basically the main one that gets people i think. i hope that helps

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also, i tend to find that the longer you leave a torrent downloading, the faster it'll get. just leave yer computer on for a few hours :) i usually find torrents faster than most p2p for stuff (unless of course it's as common as muck)

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