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  1. the ep is really shit. their unreleased demos are the best work they have done so far
  2. is there a code to have fruity loops 6 for free?
  3. sure it is just radiohead's favorite band to rip off, but hell, the last original peice of music was written like 100 years anyway
  4. are they still around? i thought they broke up
  5. it is a dd-3 just with more complex looking box
  6. they are beatiful, well me thinks if you get this device called delay and reverb and put the ebow with all that 21212111111111111111111222222222222111111111 you have beatyu but of course, that is the depece of crap and luv
  7. i like it still moves alot more. the album is ok but i wouldnt mind myself to it
  8. i like that song where they cover the beach boys
  9. didnt coldplay already confessed that their album ripped of other bands?
  10. http://regnyouth.blogspot.com http://www.fionasforum.com/Stairway two ace links and that is all you need
  11. does anyone know where i can find the fruity loops crack that lets you a 30 minute trial version for free. thanks
  12. can someone please invite me to oink( that torrent site) i will delete this thread once some invites sinse i am desperate to get my hands on some fine leaked material and say fudge u to soulseek thanks
  13. :wink3: his books remind me of the films of jess franco
  14. horrible band. another joy division rip-off band to add to the list. and yes, it is very evident in the music on mostly all the tracks. of course the vocals arent rip-offs cause they are shite
  15. this is a stupid question to ask you all but whar do you find in interpol that appeals to you?
  16. i may listen to radiohead ever other year. it doesnt stand up to time to be honest, just like coldplay, oasis, the beatles, nirvana, weezer, and etc of most hundreds and thousands of bands
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