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Coldplay cannot be labeled


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I personally think their music can't be categorized. For example, a band like Sum41 is not going to be listened to by everyone, but Coldplay is just one of the bands that moves you. I know a lot of hip-hop artists and urban artists in general proclaim their love for Coldplay, but when I listen to their music, I wouldn't call it rock, and it could be considered pop, but everybody has a different definition of the word "pop."


They're single is crazy. "Speed of Sound" is one dope song. All I'm saying is that when people are categorized, they're to various degrees stifled. Like if you're an R&B artist, you have to make music within the limits of the genre. I feel Coldplay can have one song that could be sung by Bob Marley, and another by an R&B or folk artist. For instance, on a lot of the songs on Brandy's last album, you can tell she was inspired by them, even on the songs that don't sample them. I can actually hear Chris Martin singing some of the lines off her album, and I can hear her singing some of their songs. Bottom-line, Coldplay is versatile, and I like that they're inspired by different artists' music.

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