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White Shadows


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Hey I'm new around here but after listening to the KRCW show and recently looking at posts, I don't seem to see much mention of the song White Shadows! I agree that all of the others are great in their own ways but I seem to be the only one in my peer group who cares about this song at all. I think the chorus buildup and melodies are a great example of the newer approaches the band has taken on the new songs by incorporating different arrangements and instruments (a friggin organ on this one). I'm basically just venting here and seein what you guys think too. (btw, if anyone has any other recordings of this song then please speak up!)

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Yeah I'm freaking out about this album launch cause I have beach week when it comes out, and we leave June 6th. I heard that it was the 7th for the release and I was like "you have GOT to be kidding me..." X&Y would by far be the best graduation gift possible by far. I don't care what my friends say, I'm hijacking one of their cars at the beach and driving til I find some place that has it!

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