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Can anyone tell me anything on Garage bands?

Sweet One

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garage bands are ok. they seem to be getting real big in the u.s. .....well thats what the u.s. seems to be calling them. all the ones that are put in this category all have a sound that isnt clean. i think i read that the band the vines is called a garage band. and the white stripes are too i think. so are the hives. definetly the hives they sound like a garage band live. did you see that 2$bill concert with the hives. i thought it was crazy. i didnt even know they were from sweden untill i saw that. i didnt even know they had accents :? anyways i really dont know what a garage band is anyways i dont even know why i put all that up.


anyways i know a lot of people who play in there garages. ha ha



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Thanks Ginger....your post kinda helped...but it doesn't matter, the people on the other board were absolutely no help!!! Thanks anyway!!


Btw, what's the 2$bill concert??? Is that an MTV thing?? I don't have MTV, i have Much Music...did Coldplay ever do one of these concerts??? I'm very interested....


Thanks Ginger


Sweet :wink:

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