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coldplay being different


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i have been listening to coldplay for years now. i don't know too many people that like them. i feel all alone with my love for them. i think that they are fantastic. parachutes is one of my fav. CD's. i really think that they deserve alot more credit for their musical talents than they have in the past. it's like Sanatana. i've always been a fan, and it took years for him to get the recognition that he deserves. i'm hoping that it doesn't take as long for Coldplay to get the recognition that they deserve, but only time will time. i myself think that they are the best band around. a group of musical genuises like the band YES, now i'm dating myself. i enjoy everything they do and i hope they continue to amaze me.


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Hi, Wow... your very first post :D Welcome to the board!


Yep, I felt that way too for awhile... but there are lots of amazing Coldplay fans out here... And yes, they are definitely a fantastic band. Loads of talent... Plus they work so hard too just to achieve that perfect sound for their songs.


I think with X&Y coming out, they will become the biggest band in recent times... This time around, look at all the publicity & buzz surrounding them (esp. in the US) and how well SoS & their recent gigs have been received. I think they will really make it big (tho arguably u could say they were big already before this...). This I think will make them even bigger... The one where everyone will finally acknowledge that they have arrived. :D

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