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Does Coldplay Pick the ticket price?

Matter-Eater Lad

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sure they have control. they don't waste their time in a boardroom throwing the figures at each other, but they decide to play the shows every night. If they would refuse to play on these grounds, then the suits would have to be lower the price. They wouldn't be happy about it and the might try to sue the band, but either way it's a choice Coldplay decides on all the time. It's all a matter of perspective; from this perspective they have complete control. (Reference: Pearl Jam)

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I wish coldplay could pick' date=' then it would probably be alot cheaper.[/quote']


dont be so sure, they would obviously like it to be a lot cheaper, but i just dont think they can make it cheaper than 40 bucks, considering their have several dozen roadies and at least a dozen trucks. and im pretty sure they wouldnt be thrilled with not getting paid upto par with comparable bands. im not trying to say coldplay is greedy or anything of that sort, but im saying that everyone wants what's fair.

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