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Presale Tickets Delivery


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Guest LiquidSky
did you 'buy' them.... if you didnt purchase them.. they aint coming! :stunned:


the email I got says they will be shipped out 2 weeks prior to the gig..


Yeah mine said the same thing... :/

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Unless you order flipping U2 tickets' date=' which still haven't arrived and I'm going to see them on June 14th. :cry:[/quote']


I wouldn't worry about your U2 tickets. For DMB i didn't get tickets at all and it was a week before the show so they just printed another pair for me to pick up at will call and they said if someone else got the tickets to bring My i.d. to prove that it was me that bought the tickets... You'll probably get them though because it isnt two weeks til your concert yet, but if you dont' just call and they'll probably do the same for you



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