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will coldplay stick with their old style of cds?


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Coldplay have never had lyrics in their CDs apart

from spesh edition sleeve in AROBTTH


So guessing theirs none in X&Y - unless they

change their minds.


Coldplay will never do crazy artwork It's

always nice and - plain hehe :lol:


...but cool

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what was in it?


It's the same white cover on the outside... but the inside has a BW photo of the band.... Don't have the sleeve on me, but it's this photo I believe... http://images.google.ca/images?q=tbn:Uy4OMja_aVsJ:www.biggeststars.com/imgcontent/stars/STAR408_coldplay_.jpg


and the lyrics for all the songs... black background with whiteish-grey font.


It was a special for anyone who purchased it at Sunrise Records the first day or week of its release.


Maybe they'll have the same promotion for X&Y.

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Do the Japanese releases not have lyric books/posters. Alot of lyricless US releases are not that way over there. It seems every release in Japan has either a booklet or poster with both English and Japanese lyrics.

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