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The code on the x & y albumn?


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I've always loved how the guys of coldplay don't plaster pictures of themselves all over the front and back covers of their albums, instead choosing symbols or designs; how wonderfully humble they are. ;)


-- JDO

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Quite ingenuous. I wouldn't be surprised if the album art for this soon ranked among some of the best (like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album cover).


::EDIT:: Just noticed a message encoded on the inside back cover. I think you can guess what it says. ;) ::EDIT::

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the colours the programmer used are a bit different from the ones in the X&Y booklet.



For example, the letter "L" is different.....



But to give him credit, he was simply assuming the colour scheme from the sources he had available.


Thank you :) I was indeed making assumptions about the colouring - i only had the X&Y and Speed of Sound covers to go on. I'll get round to updating the colours at some point. :cool:

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