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cologne concert


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i was there and it was amazing. they played 90 minutes and the fans were in a good mood, although we waited 6 hours for coldplay. at least there were 20000 people, i think. here is the playlist:


Square One



God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Speed Of Sound


A Message

Everything's Not Lost

White Shadows

The Scientist

Til Kingdome Come

Don't Panic


Swallowed In The Sea


What If

In My Place

Fix You

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So where IS it?? It MUST be a Kaff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Define "Kaff"! :P Well, it is in a fact a "Kaff" of around 40.000 people (maybe a little more) and it`s halfway between Dortmund and Paderborn. Maybe you know these two "Kaffs"? :lol:


Other question: Where do you usually lay your hat? ;) It has to be somewhere in Germany since you visited the Cologne gig or did you come over from England just to see them a little sooner?

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20 June 2005


Q: Isn't Chris Martin that depressed nerd who doesn't like booze, eats weird food and produces hideously bland music which is the death of rock'n'roll? A: Surprisingly, no

HE has been described as a nerd, a k**bhead student and a teetotal bedwetter whose wife Gwyneth Paltrow put him on a strict macrobiotic diet.


None of the above is true.


In his most sensational interview ever, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin reveals which A-list Hollywood superstar is responsible for the first stirring in his trousers as a teenager.


And he says he does drink booze but doesn't get drunk as he is then unable to perform his favourite hobbies - sex and music.





Martin is usually portrayed as insecure, serious and boring.



But the Martin I met in Germany was laid back, funny, charming and had a definite cheeky glint in his eye.







LOVED UP: Chris and Gwyneth




The band have just started their European tour and they invited me along to see them play in Cologne to a sellout crowd of 30,000 fans.



Their third album X&Y has shot to number one in 28 countries but they didn't get to the top spot in the singles charts with Speed of Sound thanks to the Crazy Frog song.



Chris has just heard the news that Tom Cruise has proposed to American actress Katie Holmes.



Barely containing his laughter, the 28-year-old singer confesses Cruise played an important part during puberty.



He reveals: "I've got Tom Cruise to thank for teaching me the ways of the woman. The first sex scene I ever saw was him and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.



"I was thinking 'What the hell is going on in my trousers?'



"It was all in silhouette so it was very harmless. But when you watch it when you're 13 it's like 'wow'."



CHRIS is keen to dispel rumours that he is the boring bloke of Coldplay, who chases photographers when they take pictures of his Oscar-winner wife and year-old daughter Apple.



"I do drink occasionally. If I'm incredibly depressed," he laughs.



"I have a couple of beers every now and again."



But a drunken incident a few years ago put him off getting totally trashed. Chris can barely contain his laughter as he recalls his moment of madness.



"I had a bad experience with a bush in Hyde Park and I don't want to go through that again.



"There was no one else involved, I hasten to add," he says before dissolving into giggles again.



His Hyde Park experience reminds him of a near-miss he had there recently when he almost got caught up in a George Michael-style cottaging incident.



"I used to go walking in the middle of the night to calm down when we were recording this album.



"I jumped over a fence in the park and saw this other guy jumping over the fence too. And then I remembered they warn you not to go on your own because of soliciting in parks at night. There were police around.



"If I was gay I'd be happy to admit it. It would be great to have a service like that. I wish there was a park you could walk into and there were girls under every tree waiting for it." Perhaps not a sentiment shared by his wife.



Gwyneth, who lives with Chris in Kate Winslet's #3million former home in London's Primrose Hill, has been criticised for forcing him to maintain a clean-living lifestyle. But he points out that stories about his lentil and beansprout lifestyle are just not true.



"All the macrobiotic diet stories are all bulls**t," he says. "But I don't really mind." He does admit to practising yoga to stay in shape. "The great thing about never having been particularly cool as a band is that you don't have to worry about admitting you do things like yoga."



He pokes fun at his image of being a depressed moaner.



"My vices are chocolate and sweets - and worrying." But he doesn't go on drugs or booze benders.



"I don't do anything like that because I can't do music. And I can't have sex. And if you can't do those things, then what's the point?"



As well as their European dates, the band will headline at Glastonbury this weekend and will play at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park next month.



Chris confesses that he and the other members of the band - bassist Guy Berryman, guitarist Jonny Buckland and drummer Will Champion - are nervous about Live 8.



Chris, who is backing the Mirror campaign to get Status Quo added to the bill, says: "We have to follow U2 and Paul McCartney."



Coldplay will perform four songs at the event on July 2. Chris jokes: "We're going to play Wonderwall by Oasis, the Crazy Frog tune, Bohemian Rhapsody and Colourblind by Darius.



"We are always getting beaten to number one. Why don't we play all the songs that have beaten us to number one instead?" In the past, Chris was renowned for being moody and lashing out at the paparazzi, who followed him and Gwyneth from the minute they started dating three years ago.



But today he is very laid-back about the interest in his marriage. "I know we are only in the 3am column because of Gwyneth," he says. "I used to be so down on the whole gossip thing, but now I think you need it." Chris was arrested in Australia in 2003 after a bust-up with a snapper who took pictures of him while he was surfing. The charge was later dropped.



The band celebrated their third album reaching number one by going to the Landsdowne pub in Primrose Hill last Sunday.



"We celebrated by buying drinks for everyone who happened to be there," says Chris.



"The barman said 'For the next 10 minutes all drinks are on Coldplay'. And everyone went 'Yeah' and then one guy just went 'Boooo'," laughs Chris.



Talking about his daughter Apple, Chris glows with pride.



"I can't believe I am allowed to be in Coldplay and allowed to be a dad," he says.



"I'm not bulls**tting. I work very hard at both. I honestly have no idea about more children. I'll be happy to make it to tomorrow." He is planning on making a gesture to Apple.



"I want to get a tattoo of her name. I want to get my ears pierced too," he says.



"The band are due a makeover at some point, but it's hard.



"If you get an earring at 28 it means you're going through some sort of crisis."



Chris reveals how much he likes having knickers chucked at him on stage. "We'll be worried when it stops happening," he laughs.



He seems very hard on himself when it comes to the plaudits and album sales the band have notched up.



"We have a long way to go still," he says.



He seems more comfortable talking about other acts he likes listening to.



"Pete Doherty is a genius songwriter. I like Arcade Fire, Kraftwerk and, of course, Status Quo." He is also a huge fan of 80s band A-HA and wears several leather bracelets similar to the type the band's frontman Morten Harket used to wear.



Chris reveals: "They are the first band I ever loved!"



For once the singer isn't joking.






CHRIS is keen to explain the significance of the emblems on his left hand.



He says: "Everything on my hand means something to me."The blue and red tape on his fingers signify the artwork from the new album and the two thick black lines are an equal sign to remind him to talk about the Make Trade Fair cause he backs.

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oh, that's a pretty cool interview. where is it from?

I finally get what the tape is all about :rolleyes: Anyway....30.000 people in Köln? That's quite different compared to 15.000. I wonder which was is accurate. I should have counted myself, dammit!

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right, i must have forgotten to count the 15.000 punks. My bad.

I know Soest too, just the name though. But uuuh...120km is not 'near' Köln, haha. Just because its in the same Bundesland doesn't mean it's near :lol:

I guess we'll never know for sure how many people were there.

What makes me wonder...was the show really sold out? I know there were tickets still left on the day of the gig.

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Where on earth is Soest??


it's near cologne. only 120km away


i couldn't see, how much fans were in cologne. i was near the stage."einslive" said, that there were 15000 people...


theier is a place clled Soest in Holland.....but I don't think you guys mean that one :P

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right, i must have forgotten to count the 15.000 punks. My bad.

I know Soest too, just the name though. But uuuh...120km is not 'near' Köln, haha. Just because its in the same Bundesland doesn't mean it's near

I guess we'll never know for sure how many people were there.

What makes me wonder...was the show really sold out? I know there were tickets still left on the day of the gig.




I doubt it. Maybe that's how the punks got in. They just happened to be in the vicinity..............

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