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Live8 Organisers To Track Down Charity Cheats


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Live8 organisers have vowed to track down hoaxers who tricked charities into paying $95,000 (£50,000) to advertise at the star-studded London concert.


Several British charities were contacted by a firm offering them fake 30 second commercials on the giant TV screens at the Hyde Park gig on 2 July (05). But Live8 organisers are determined to punish the those seeking to illegally capitalise on the buzz surrounding the huge showbiz event.


Spokesperson Bernard Doherty says, "We haven't even got a deal in place for anyone to supply the big screens yet. It's outrageous that somebody would try to pass themselves off as Live 8. We will get to the bottom of this and come down hard on anyone using our name without permission."


The star-studded London concert will be headlined by Coldplay, The Sex Pistols, U2, REM, Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and Sir Elton John.

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