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Photos from 27th & 28th.....Enjoy.


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I posted this on another forum aswell but I thought it would be more appropriate to post it again instead of adding a link... Both nights were flippin good!


The past two days have been the best for a long while! Having been up to see Coldplay on Monday inside the stadium, we had to come back the night after and witness it from outside.


Below are some of the photos (not the best ever) from Monday night! Enjoy...


1.Having only got into the stadium at about 5 the sun finally began to set



2. Shot of the crowd behind us building nicely



3.The Guys arriving onstage before Square One



4.I can't honestly remember when some of the photos were taken. Was just clicking away without much thought. Also some of the photos aren't great because of the distance away and dark etc etc. This is quite a cool shot though..



5.The next of couple of shots were from Speed Of Sound...I Think.. :?



6. Fairly zoomed in shot of chris..Was too blurred though which meant I had to mess around with it until I got something sorta worthwhile. Lets just call it a 'stylish' shot :)


7. A nice shot of Jonny and Chris. Can't remember the song. May have been the scientist which was definitely one of the highlights of the night. The sing-a-long at the end was awesome.



8. A shot from 'til Kingdom Come which was one of the highlights looking back on the evening. Didn't like it as much before but its definitely one of my favourites now. Nice to see an acoustic set aswell



9.A shot from Don't Panic - Was cool to here this as I weren't really expecting it (except for hearing it at Glastonbury on TV).



10. A shot of Clocks. Nice light Show!




11. Then to the awesome encore. The next shot is my favourite of all the photos. In My Place..Which was also one of the highlights!



To the finally...Fix You... Amazing song to top of a great gig... Little did I know i'd be coming back the next evening




As Tuesday morning arrive 6th form wasn't the place I wanted to be...so a group of decided to go straight back to CP and watch the gig again...simple as. Here are a few shots of last night.


These are two shots from In My Place which again sounded amazing





Finally... I had to try and capture the fireworks from the night before. I had only one shot and I thought the photo came out alright! I'll give you two versions for the sake of it... Great ending again..






Both nights were better than others in different ways. The rain wasn't fun last night yet the natural lightshow that was the lightning gave a cool atmosphere. Lets just hope they're back down south as soon as possible.

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