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The end of The Scientist?


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Okay, first off, sorry if this has been asked/answered already, but I looked at all the threads in here that might have what I'm looking for, but I couldn't find anything. Please don't flog me. :stunned:


Anywho, I have the mp3s of the performance, and I absolutly love the version of The Scientist that they play, but my question is... at the end, there's a new arrangment type thing. What is this? Is it a recording? A real performance? What's the story?


Also, the crowd starts going wild during this part as well. Did the just feel like it or was the band doing something cool? If so, what was it?


Okay, I'm done now... just terribly curious. :D


Thanks so much!

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It's the studio version of The Scientist, but played in reverse. In the spirit of the video. It's just the recording, the band doesn't play, they take position on the front of the stage for Til Kingdom Come and Don't Panic.

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When the crowd goes wild after The Scientist the band members are getting their cameras and taking pictures of the audience. They did the same thing at the Crystal Palace gig, which I went to on Monday. :)

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Wow! Thanks guys! It sounds very cool backwards indeed. I almost like it more than the original! I hope they play it (recording or otherwise) at Atlanta. ;D


How cool are they? Taking pictures of the crowd? :D I wonder if they'll do that at every concert?


Ah! Sorry, just full of questions. ;D

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^^The whole song?!I'd like to hear that.




you can actually purchase it on the e-shop.. its on The Scientist dvd/cd. :) INCLUDING the video in reverse.. which is actually forward.. and the song plays in reverse. Chris actually had to learn the song backwards... :)

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