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Coldplay Featured In Chart Magazine


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Coldplay is gracing the cover of the July/August issue of Chart Magazine. This issue, which is an "Artist written issue", features four written pages by Coldplay themselves. Each member of the band gets one page to share his utmost intimate secrets on himself, the other members, and the band.


This "Artist Written" issue is complete with Billy Talent vs Killradio, Bif Naked's polaroid pics, The Waking Eyes favourite bar adventures, Buck 65's touch of evil, OLP vs The Band, and more. Visit http://www.chartattack.com/monthly/200507.cfm for more info and to purchase this issue.


Also, there are a couple of contests to enter. Visit http://www.chartattack.com/contests/ for your chance to win Warped Tour and MXPX prize packs.



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in canada.^

yeah i already posted this.

i'm getting a copy, HOPEFULLY! my cousin works for chart, so he said he'd go in and pick me up a copy...well i told him he better. it's so mean! he was teasing me..he's like "yeah well i don't even like coldplay and i've read the interview! and i own a copy and it's not even available yet!"





anyways. if he doesn't bring it to me when he see's my parents again (thats in 2 weeks though, he said it should be on shelves by then) then i'm going to go buy one and hopefully if i scan it, it will turn out ok for you to read....but i don't know the quality of my scanner for text documents...

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To get your own copy of Chart Magazine featuring Coldplay on the cover and four pages written by the boys themselves, visit:




We ship everywhere, which is included in the price, so order today!!




P.S Twin4life - who is your cousin that works at Chart?


jason :) well...jason H if that might help you more. :P do you know him? i don't know how much he works there anymore though. less because he's in school...

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You got it :)


Better value if buy the multi-package deal which includes not only Chart July/August 2005 but also Chart September 2002 feat. Coldplay on the cover.


Thank you for answering my ?!! I am thinking of getting the multi-package!! Which is a good deal cause its like it only costs me $2 for the other one!!! THANK YOU!! I will be ordering shortly!!



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