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Spotlight on muchmusic


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I watched it. Nothing extremely special :P


i actually have seen most of those clips of interviews anyway, except the 2005 one. hahaha some metaphor chris said made me laugh....

it was something along the lines of: it's like you're on a date and the guy needs to wait outside. in this case we're the girl and we have a lot of people waiting outside. and we need to try on different bras. we know we'll still look good, but we want to look great! :lol:

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i hear more people trashing much music now more then ever. i think in terms of programing it's gotten a little more interesting, but still half of their 'much specials' like young and loaded for example are terrible rip-offs of vh1 shows.


and don't even get me started on the current selection of vjs. they are awful. good looking, but awful.

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