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my thoughts on 1.36 and I Ran Away


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ok here goes - please forgive me if they are not that great:


1.36 - very good - i would say its in the same quirky rocky ilk of One I Love - you can hear Tim Wheeler's (Ash lead singer / guitarist) influence spilling onto this track - its very beat led with a very rocky guitar riff and a steady build through the song. I would descibe it as a parallel between Daylight and One I Love - very catchy!! One things though is that it does end very abrubtly - in fact I'd even say that the guitar riff may have something in common with the thrashy sound of the Vines only toned down some! 7/10


I Ran Away - this is the real find, the sticker on the back of the promo describes it as "almost making the album" and i can see why although I would say that while its great its still in line with the weakest two tracks of the album in my opinion - Daylight and A Whisper. Again the track is quite riffy with electric guitars chosen over an acoustic vibe. Chris' singing is maybe not as strong as id like but it does contribute to the melody of the track. Its very Stones Roses actually! 8/10


please note both these scores are on the basis of them being b-sides and not album tracks - deduct a point for each againt album tracks


The Scientist 10/10 - but then you lot already new that :lol:


Hope this gave you some food for thought and made a few of you even more excited!! :shock:

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oooh they both have a daylight sound to them.....daylight was the first song i liked on a rush' and i love one i love. yeah did you read what i put at the b-sides forum. another person along w/tim sang back vocals dont remember his name but you can go check it out. great job hicksy by the sound of it i think i'm going to like these two -sides(well of course i am).

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