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Your love means everything

Flying Sparks

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I would like to ask all of you something:


I recently found a Coldplay song called "Your love means everything" (at least that's what the file says) and it's DEFINETELY Chris Martin singing, but I couldn't find this song title on any of the "B-sides lists" some users have made. So, does anyone else of you have got this track? Or maybe it has actually another name and the file title isn't right.. But I've got all the other B-sides and I haven't heard this song before..


So, if anyone of you knows what it's all about, please let me know :)


The lyrics are something like this:

I slipped away last night,

took me away from sun, the place I know.

I crushed upon my skin

this mess I put you in, a punch I've thrown.


It was a strange reaction for someone like you

to remain on sight.

A little chain reaction (?)

I was down calling for a place to hide.


...and so on! The song lasts for about 4 minutes and it's BRILLIANT, but I've never heard it before.. And I SWEAR that it's Chris, it's definetely his voice! Please help me![/i]

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this is not a Coldplay song, it's an artist called Faultine who made this song and it's featuring Chris and he sang on another song called "Where is my boy" on the same album .

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Oh, I see, thanks a lot, that's what I wanted to know!! That's why I asked, because I knew that it wasn't a Coldplay song, but it was Chris' voice.. Thank you very much! I've also got "Where is my boy" and I didn't even know it's a Faultline song :confused:

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I've got this song too and I love it a lot ,Chris' voice is so beautiful in it ! :)

but I don't have "Your love means everything" :/


I can send it to you if you want to? :) You helped me and reponsed my post, you can see it as a "Thank you" :lol: Send me your e-mail-address via PM!

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and welcome to you Flying Sparks :D


Thanks a lot :) I'm not that new to Coldplay message boards - I write a lot of stuff at the official board, but this board seems really cool, too :D


I'm not on the official message board but I can tell you that this one is cool,people are very nice here :)

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