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For any acoustic rock fans living in west U.S.A. I can recommend you try to see Marillion when they tour there in September.

They're still going strong after 20 years and have come a long way since the '80s hits (e.g. Kayleigh, Lavender) you might be familiar with.

I've seen them several times now (and will be seeing them again in November) and have never been disappointed. Believe me, they are great live, and the tickets shouldn't be too expensive, either.

Steve Rothery is a quality acoustic guitarist.

For more information you should go to marillion.com, and if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

I thought their last two albums (Marbles and Anoraknaphobia) were both pretty good, too.


Tues 6 Sept Belly Up Tavern

Solana Beach, CA, USA Tickets for all events available from http://www.ticketmaster.com soon!


Additional Tower Records in-store appearances will be announced shortly


Wed 7 Sept Key Club

West Hollywood, CA, USA

Fri 9 Sept Galaxy Theatre

Santa Ana, CA, USA

Sun 11 Sept Great American Music Hall

San Francisco, CA, USA

Wed 14 Sept Aladdin Theater

Portland, OR, USA

Fri 16 Sept Chop Suey

Seattle, WA, USA

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Marillion - Thank You Whoever You Are (Intact)




Being a 'Freak' (the name for a Marillion fan) sadly isn’t the epitome of cool. Yet it is a label the band’s loyal fanbase wear with pride, and Thank You Whoever You Are, the first single off the band’s excellent 14th album Somewhere Else is a prime example of why they are so devoted.


Thank You... is a beautiful bittersweet ballad, with a hauntingly catchy melody. Wonderfully atmospheric with Mark Kelly’s mellow piano and Steve 'H' Hogarth’s passionate, skin tingling voice and heartfelt lyrics, it is an infectious, anthemic song worthy of the Top Ten.


Long gone are the days of mullets, Kayleigh and Fish. Two decades on and the music, with its prog-rocky echoes, is easily as engaging as Coldplay and Radiohead... at least that’s the humble opinion of this 'Freak'.



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hehe did the song Lavender feature on Nighty Night?


They hardly ever do that (or any other Fish material) any more, as they've moved on.

If you want to check out their post-Fish style, you should listen to "Beautiful", which is a very aptly-named song.;)

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ok just watched beautiful and yeah was a totally different creature!

at first i thought wow that guy doesn't age! but of course he's new.


I actually now prefer him - and he has great stage presence, too. The concert a few weeks ago was one of the best I've seen.

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