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The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker


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Yes, I have it! on US import and i am loving it - it is magnificent!!!


it brings the best bits of the old games together with a new engine which is the closest ever thing to a playable cartoon


and its Zelda - what more do you want? :D

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yeah thats part of the charm of the zelda games - they re-use the old music and characters often make re-appearances so its like party visiting the old games all over again - although i dont think they will ever out-do Ocarina of Tima :D

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well i have lost HOURS and HOURS to this game this week


and i am absolutely loving it


this is without doubt the best game on any format ever


EVERY Gamecube owner should own this


EVERY non-gamecube owner should buy the Zelda Gamecube pack at the start of May


trust me - life just got that little bit better :D

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i know those damn sharks really pissed me off!


i've taken a two day break from it atm, i was seriously overplaying it and i hate that


just spent a bit of quality time getting out of a rut in Golden Sun on the GB aas I have the sequal on import so really want to finish the first game first.


got to a point where i had been stuck for over an hour so i decided using a walkthrough at that point was a necessary evil. anyhow got out of the rut... BUT... couldn't resist checking to see how far i have got - i almost died - i'm about a 10th of the way through the game and i have already clocked up just under 10hrs playing it!!!



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