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"New Album" on Coldplay.com


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Ok, this could be redundant or stupid ...

But, I was just one the coldplay.com site and filled out this questionaire with a chance to win signed artwork...

And one of the first questions asked you to pick your favorite coldplay song. You could choose from Parachutes, AROBTTH, XY, or (and this is what threw me)... B-sides, EPs, or "new album" ?!?


Am I reading too much into this? Or, is there something going on that we don't know about? (which seems uber-unlikely :rolleyes: )


Anyone else do this and wonder what "new album" they're talking about?

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right.. except that there was a section under XY with all the songs...

and there were a lot of songs in the "B-sides, EPs, New Album" section that aren't b-sides or EPs or off of XY..


has anyone else filled out this form? and *knows* what i'm talking about...?

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I know what ur talking about but I think ur just going too into it....they probably mean like B-Sides to the new album or something IDK!!! :stunned:


EDIT: How do they know how to contact u....is it because ur signed in?? I was signed in when I did it...obvioulsy but did it ask u anything after u clicked submit?? :huh:

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they'd probably just email you.. cause that's how you sign in...


yea, and maybe it's B-sides to the new singles... but they way they wrote it..

I thought i was going to have a heart attack because I haven't been on a computer for a while and thought i'd missed something :o


lets hope not... ;)

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