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Camden New Jersey 080705


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last night was my first coldplay show (there have been many upsetting events that led me to miss THREE shows in the last 3 years). i was in the front row of the lawn (and i was turning around when chris ran by, which pretty much reflects my bad luck when it comes to coldplay).


when i saw u2, i was about 10 feet from bono the whole time and i thought no band could blow my mind harder than they did. i guess i was wrong. . .the whole night was so surreal and now i'm kind of numb. it hasn't set in that i saw coldplay and they played the hell out of every song. . .


well, there's my emotional tirade. i'm sure there are plenty of fans who feel the same way, right?

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i tried to upload a video from yousendit.com but this pops up:


"Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.


Your transfer cannot be completed. Most likely the file has exceeded its allotted bandwidth or has been removed by the original sender or a recipient."


anyone kno what to do?

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during the concert when there was the countdown to get the cameras out



heres one from speed of sound



and one from the great performance of clocks



tried to keep steady...sry about the shaking

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Here's my two cents.


It was my 4th time seeing Coldplay and they were definitely at peak form Sunday night. Having seen them before, I was prepared for about a 90 minute show, but still I went home wishing for a few more tracks. All in all a great show by my favorite band, but here are some other observations:


-Loved the countdown during Square One. It really gets you excited for the concert that is about to follow.


-Chris obviously learned how to dance by watching David Byrne


-Although it's my fifth or sixth favorite track on X&Y, I thought that the best song of the night by far was "Low". They absolutely destroyed that song (in a good way), and everyone I went with agreed. I love when hearing a song live really changes your view on it.


-I thought one of the surprisingly weaker songs of the night was "Speed of Sound". I thought the tempo was too slow, the harmonies were a little off, and it just didn't seem to translate well to a live song.


-Here are my minor nitpicks about the show: No matter how you slice it, 90 minutes is too short. It made sense two years ago when they only had two albums and tickets were cheaper, but now they really need to push 120 minutes. And I also thought they were too conservative with their song choices. I wished they threw in some b-sides, or played some of their lesser known songs. This might just me being subjective, especially since I usually prefer Coldplay's non-singles (I've heard more than enough Yellow and In My Place for a lifetime), but I also think it would reward the die-hard fans, and maybe inspire the casual fans to dig deeper on the albums.


Show Rating: 8.5/10

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I'm pretty sure the screw up at the beginning of 'The Hardest Part' was Chris coming in too soon with the vocals - if they were staying true to the album version. The lyrics sounded correct to me, although after several of those overpriced beers I could be mistaken. ;)


Here are some pics I took from the pit. Wish I would have taken more, but I was too busy enjoying the awesome show these guys put on. :D

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This was my first Coldplay show too, though I have tickets for the Sept. 30 show as well as Nissan Pavillion. My boyfriend surprised me with VIP tickets for Camden for my birthday, and the concert easily ranks in my top 3 favorite shows of all time, if not the first. I agree with some earlier comments that I wish they had played longer, but that's truly the only complaint I have and it's not even a complaint. Their performance was incredible, the sound was amazing, and I loved the set list, especially how they kicked off ("Square One") and closed ("Fix You") the show. Add "Warning Sign," "Trouble," and "See You Soon," and I probably would've lost my mind completely. Does anyone think they will vary up the set list a bit as the tour continues?


Oh, and I tried taking pictures with my phone and even though my seats were amazing, the images are pretty crap-tacular so I won't even bother attempting to share. :)

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well i have to say it was a good show but was no where near my favorite concert of all time! I was one of the people who saw Coldplay back in 2001 in philly on their first tour of the States and to be honest they were good but you could tell they needed work. And to their credit they have grown a ton as a band! Chris Martin has learned how to play to the crowd which is great! However they still need to grow as a live act! First off to charge fans $80 (with service charges) and to play for an hour and half is simply a disgrace! Think of it in these terms for an $80 ticket you ended up paying $5.29 per song!! Now thats a lot! for a band with only 3 albums out! Off the set list songs like "Speed on Sound" which i love didnt seem to bring the energy i thought it would live! While it was funny how chris spoke of taligating and cheesesteaks he sadly screwed up "Everythings not lost" and you could tell he knew it! Even 'Clocks' seemed like it was messed up in parts and chris seemed to be trying to fix everything on the fly which is to his credit! Now dont get me wrong im not saying the show was bad! In fact i loved many version of songs! Till Kingdom Come was BRILLIANT! and a song like "Talk" which isnt one of my favorites on the album was done so well i think its becoming one of my favorites! Coldplay in my view has the ablity to become the biggest band in the world and i cant wait to see how they grow into that! but to say they there now in my view is short sighted

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