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Swallowed in the Sea guitar Ad lib


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Hey I was wondering if any experienced guitar players could tab out the ad lib by jonny on swallowed in the sea. I have the guitar tab for swallowed in the sea but it only includes the acoustic guitar part, and designates the electric guitar as ad lib. His guitar work sounds great for the song and I would love to learn it, but I'm just learning guitar and ear for the sound is still in the novice phase.



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Hello bdevil89,

I would suggest that you learn major and minor pentatonic scales to help your ear playing. Here's a link to help you.


There might be too much information to digest in one setting. Just try to follow the bottom two finger patterns.

For "swallowed in the sea", the song is in the key of B major. Basically you place this box pattern for the root "R" to start on fret number 7 on the low E string...


Anchor your index finger on the fourth fret. Commit this pattern to memory. Eventually there are five pentatonic scales that you will be able to connect the entire fretboard to. It sounds like Johnny is using a "tremolo" strum pattern to play single notes in the B major scale. I think he is playing them an octave higher, so the major pentatonic pattern would be twelve frets higher then above. Let me know if this helps or is too confusing.

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Tuning: Standard


You'll need an ebow for this song but I can give and alternative which Jonny uses in the acoustic one










and I could write a soong....








to be continued...

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