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~*Giuly/Cipy/Ari thread*~


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io non é vedere la moglie di Will niente :( (does this sentence is right?) :embarrased:


No :P

If you wanted to say:

I've never seen Will's wife then it's

Non ho mai visto la moglie di Will ;) ...


I can repost the photo, if you want...but you actually can't see her face... they're very far :/

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niente spaciale


i went to do shopping with my parents and then go to get a dvd to a photo shop (i told them to gave me a copy of a vhs i had into a dvd format days ago) i wanted to meet the guy i love but i can't :(


Why can't you? :confused:

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oh sorry *takes note*


i'll look on the previous pages on this thread, have you post her pic here?


no I haven't...i actually found that photo from the gallery of an Italian fan who went to see them in Verona and took some pictures from the backstage, I'll post it if you want :rolleyes:

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