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Everybody Loves Raymond

Sweet One

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I'm sorry, but i was just watching this show and can i tell you how much i hate the characters!! They're terrible people, very bitter and condescending!! ARGH!! It's a really well-written show and all, but the characters.......


I never want to be married if that's how my life's gonna be.. :roll:

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i like both of 'em too

they come as like a package on tuesday nights =)

but now i've seen commercials sayin that gilmore girls is coming back on tuesday..

n i bet they're gonna put it on at 7:30 too just to annoy me

so i gotta tape one and watch the other and then watch the tape


yea i know i'm lazy :P

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el_scorcho. The characters are great. They're very distinct and different, however they're not likeable at all!!!! Marie!! DEAR LORD, if i had a mother like her...i wouldn't know what to do with myself.


As i said in my first post, it's a good show, well-written and smart, i just don't fancy the characters.

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