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Any Israeli coldplay fans on this site??

green eyes88

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What about this, Ian? :)




It's not perfect but you can get the gist of it

Coldplay concert talks in September 2011


Representatives of the band Chris Martin are advanced negotiations with producer Shuki Weiss to appear in Hayarkon Park in the middle of September. The expectation is for 60 thousand fans." Weiss's publicist: "No comment"


Now it is allowed to reveal that Coldplay , one of the world's biggest rock bands is in advanced negotiations with producer Shuki Weiss, the show is expected to take place - if indeed ripen contacts - in September 2011 in Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv.

Chris Martin and his friends to -Coldplay new album expected out next year and bring the park crowd of about 60 thousand people, since it is one of the most favorite bands on the Israeli crowd, her songs became hits over the last decade of the soundtrack to some local radio.


Remember end of June 2009 reported that Coldplay in concert talks , was expected to take place in September 2009. So were those other producers, not Shuki Weiss, who conducted the negotiations. But now, a year and a half later, again, talks are advanced, and most signs indicate that finally will admire many of the band in its live performance experience here in Israel.


Coldplay: new album is expected over the next year


Coldplay band, led by frontman Chris Martin, is known as one of the favorite bands rock fans worldwide and in Israel over the past decade. They bought the world the album "Parachutes," released in 2000 and included the hits "Yellow", "Trouble" and "Do not panic."


In 2002, the band even more successful album "A Rush of a blood to the head", which included the hits "Clocks," "In my place" and "The Scientist" and later released the album "X & Y".


"Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends"


Two years ago, in 2008, was the excellent album "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends", the theme song out "Viva La Vida", was a huge hit, but the band was accused by Cat Stevens and Joe Satriani that he "borrowed "Their works ( Stevens asked later to do with them "forgives"). Full album won excellent reviews and high sales, especially , but not earned awards Coldplay members they wished.


Released last July by the economic magazine considered the "Forbes" that Coldplay earned $ 48 million a year between June 2009 June 2010, the figure set by the tenth place among the artists who earn the world, along with Blackie Eyed Peas.


Coldplay performed last New Year's Eve in Las Vegas to third Maisie before, for Christmas, made the comforting song "Christmas Lights." band is expected, as noted, a new album in 2011.

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Oh don't be like that. I also hate the fact that they're taking just ONE side and not TWO sides in this conflict, but it's their music you fell in love with, right? Yes, I'm very disappointed, but I'm not gonna stop listening to them unless they start bashing on Israel and my people, which they haven't yet.

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