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Request: Simple Plan - Untitled Piano Sheet Music or Chords


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I know this is definitely the wrong place to ask, but I fell in love with this song by Simple Plan called "Untitled". Does anyone have the chords or sheet music to that song. I would love to learn how to play it. Thanks guys. Oh, and by the way, check that song out. It's really good.

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yeah is ood but u should ask this in a simple plan forums ¬_¬ well the cords are easy to figure out its just Em G D C , u have to detune the guitar a 1/2 step down the solo starts like this erm sorry but is not complete im too lazy right now >_<


3 --------------------------------------4-7-9-----

4 -------------9-7-5-5h7~--5h7-----------------

5 -3~--7h10--------------------------------------

6 --------------------------------------------------

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