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  1. Yeah the live 2003 live version is just awesome!!
  2. Fender Strat Squier bullet strat Gibson les paul Boss distortion pedal Proco rat pedal Digitech whammy pedal GT Boss ME-50 Ampli Fender Princeton 60W i want a keyboard >_<
  3. nice thanxs for the sheet, chek out this pic , someone say that he was sellin it don't remember when thouh but looks kewl :s
  4. post the speed of sound one cause the one that have een posted is kinda wrong is not the oficial one o_O
  5. creed - one last breath intro riff is just awesome --2---5---0h2------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------3-0-------2-3-3h5p3----2h3p2---0---0-----3------2h3p0- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --0-0---0---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------0----------------0---------------2---2----2---------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and Interpol - Slow hands yeah :P
  6. yeah is ood but u should ask this in a simple plan forums ¬_¬ well the cords are easy to figure out its just Em G D C , u have to detune the guitar a 1/2 step down the solo starts like this erm sorry but is not complete im too lazy right now >_< 3 --------------------------------------4-7-9----- 4 -------------9-7-5-5h7~--5h7----------------- 5 -3~--7h10-------------------------------------- 6 --------------------------------------------------
  7. wow awesome pics what they were playing in this one ^ :o
  8. o_O let me check ............. sounds kewl this song is awesome
  9. Fix you o_O http://rapidshare.de/files/4338863/Coldplay_Fix_You.pdf.html
  10. i have it but i only can share trough bittorrent =P how im i suposed to send it to u for mail ? :huh: :stunned: :rolleyes:
  11. well yeah they have already tuned guitars when they perform live but its not hard to tune a guitar , Nirvana used to detune 1/2 step down or a whole step down guitars then retune it to standart tunin in live shows , so if u have a good ear and u just have 1 guitar is not hard
  12. yeah is really kewl gas man congrats, im teachin myself how to play keyboard , i play just guitar and i figured out the chords for keyboard with my guitar so im starting and i was looking for how to read the sheets by myself is really kewl to play keyboard but not too easy i think , and shane if u still around here i listen ur demos like 1 month ago and for me ur band rox man ;)
  13. wow man thanxs thats what i was lookign for the tab book many many thanxs =D u r the man!!!
  14. man i love how chris play make some songs harder to tab but funny at same time ;)
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