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does anyone here watch NASCAR? I can't get enough of it, havn't missed a race in 2 years, either watched it on tv or was there. Been to 7 races, 2 at Indianapolis, Be 8 races on 9/4.

Does anyone in Europe or the UK watch Nascar, or even get? I know there are some big F1 fans around here.


Bristol this weekend, ohhh I can't wait.


Go Tony Stewart! 5 wins in the last 8 races, and many more to come.

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Here! - I like oval races too!


In my oppinion U.S. racing is really different from European racing, but I think they're doing more for the fans. Okay, NASCAR is low tec and not really interesting for me, but the races are great. There's so much tactical playing.

I've been to the ChampCar-Worldseries German500 in 2003. I've seen 7 different leaders and the leading where changing 18th times. Have you seen this in F1? I say no!

I think here in Europe we can learn so much from American racing, especially in supporting the fans. And all modern safety standards in F1 are taken from the U.S. (pit limit, higher cokpit borders...)

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If any of you guys caught ITV's coverage of the Japanese GP, James Allen said something that seperates F1 from NASCAR totally: "One F1 move is like 200 NASCAR moves"


Sidenote, James Allen doesn't say bright things very often, but have to give credit where its due! :lol:

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