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Pic in the Rolling Stones Mag.


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I got the rolling stones magazine that has a long article about coldplay, where a man who spent like a week or so with them tells what they do and blablabla...but, have you seen the large image in the begining of the article?? Why the heck is there a black hand between will and chris (and they are kind of looking at it)? Do you know what they wanted to mean with that??? :confused:


Sorry if this was posted before!!! :rolleyes:

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Yeah, i almost peed myself laughing...cos i was looking at it with my friend, and we didn't notice it, and i saw it, and started to think: what's that shadow over will's hand, and then my friend said: wait, that hand shouldn't be there!...well, it was very funny at the moment :dozey: . But i still don't get it, could be quite racist if you think of it...i'm not saying at all that they did it with that intention!!! but it could be missunderstood...

Besides, what is he doing to chris under the white table or whatevr it is??? :wink3: :lol:

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