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Right Ashli, I'll Introduce You to the People...


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This might be a little bit offensive, but here we go...



Pai -- thats me and you know me, Ash. :P

Bart -- He's our daddy. :kiss:

Ian -- Hes our other daddy and he takes care of us and we all love him... :heart:

Reilly -- He's the hunk most of the girls on here fancy the pants off :sneaky:

Leftleg -- the other hunk who I think is having an affair with Reilly... :wacky:

Ariadnasquire -- Shes the poetic, sensitive one from Spain... :scholar:

Ceckers -- He's the total flirt of the forum... :nice:

MAFE -- Is the forum babe who swears a lot... Muahah :smoking:

Berrywoman -- is the cool new yorker who fancies weird looking men from Interpol... :lol:

bonabon -- is the totally random funny gal from down under who writes about stuff like poo... yeah...


Ok, I could go on all day, but you get to know the other people yourself, yeah. Be nice.

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*wonders what it feels like to be drunk*...


Ok, gotta go. My sis wants to check her emails and, well, this thread backfired cuz Ash (who is one of my real-life bestest best friends) totally only posted one lousy post here... But its been nice talking to you again, Rich! We missed ya. Tara! :blush: :kiss: :) :cool:

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