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This thing that happened to me...


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Last Saturday, it was rainy outside all day and I was in a thoughtful and a bit melancholic mood. I came home, fell onto my bed, called my best friend and while phoning, I listened to Coldplay's debut album Parachutes. And I can't tell, somehow this silent beautiful music fitted so good and gave me a feeling of security and being relaxed while I lay there in my room and talked with my friends about all my thoughts.

On Parachutes is the perfect music for autumn and chilled rainy days.

I never felt this before, but now I did and I'm so in love with it...just wanted to tell you fans outside...everyone love Parachutes!

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I got Parachutes on December 29th, 2004, in winter. so yeah.

Well the music was always something for the slow hours, In summer I listen more to songs like Yellow, one of the few loud happy songs on the album.

But I never felt that so much before.


well I have some special favourite songs during all the time, and they change often. And when I listen to one of the songs, they often remind me of a event in my life. e.g. "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Green Day - my ex-b/f & I loved this song when we were at the start of our relationship, so I think of him and this time when I hear that song.

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