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David Grey Piano Score??


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i think someones just gonna have to buckle up and buy the DavidGray piano book or sheet music if its somewhere out there.


LouLou, please put a post up if you get DavidGray piano scores, cause that guy is just beautiful on the piano.


Thanks, bye.

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hey emel,


I definitely will. I don't even know if the new David Gray songbook is out yet. I bet you it's not so i'm gonna have to wait. I just started piano right now and I'm trying to learn how to read sheet music. It's going good so far though. I love it

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good stuff Acoustiks. Piano is an amazing instrument, i think.


Hey if ya ever need help with reading sheet music or anything with piano, give me a try. I took a few years of lessons so hopefully i can help.

As for David Gray, im in no hurry, and yes, i doubt that there is a songbook out yet. I think we'll have to wait a while. Maybe check ebay or online somewhere.


seeya later Acoustiks. bye.

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