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Does anyone remember the band Nine Days? They had that song 'Story of a Girl.' (I think that' s what it's called.) Anyway, they came to my school this weekend for a free concert, so I naturally had to go. Yay for free concerts! Their show was very good, and at the end they stuck around for a chat with everyone---which was totally cool. A few of my friends and I were having a chat with the drummer, when I noticed the guitarist making his way over. He stopped to talk to a couple of girls and then moved over to us. Well, we were in the process of taking a picture with the drummer, so he just took a place at the end of the group. Wellll, he must have liked talking with those girls because when he joined us he had a huge boner! I almost fell on the floor, I was laughing so hard. And THEN he invited us to a bar....of course none of us could say anything because we were all laughing.

I just thought I'd share my lovely experience...I go to a small college...it takes little to amuse me. :D

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