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Hey Guys, check this out!!!


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Hey guys,


I just started to teach myself how to play piano this summer. I'm trying to get a grasp on how to read sheet music (which to me right now is the hardest part about the piano). Can you guys check this sheet music out.




I don't know if the sheet music is transcribed wrong or if there is something wrong with me. Check out the first verse. So you play a D with your right hand while playing B, D, B, F (E sharp?!), B, F again, then B. It doesn't sound anything like the song. Can anyone please help me? I'm totally confused

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the bottom section is your left hand which are the bass notes, the first 2 bass notes are f#

then the notes for your right hand are c# f# c# g# c# a# c#

they are not played all together for a chord they are played individualy.

That is the first line to give you some sort of idea of how it goes.

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typing people piano tabs seems so much more confusion and awkward than when youre giving someone guitar tabs.


My advice is to get a piano teacher, worked awesome for me! now i'm just riping it up onthe keyboard.

so yeah, get yourself a cheap piano teacher and once you know the basic scales and chords, you'll be the next Chris Martin.


ciao, keep posting stuff if you need anymore help learning the beautiful piano.

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hey Shanecrofts!


Thanks a lot! I completely forgot about the sharps there. Now, it all makes sense. ha ha, I'm just so used to reading tabs that sheet music may take some practice. But i'm starting to get the hang of it. Anyways, thanks again. Cheers

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