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A boy from China saying hello to you~~


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Hi everybody.I'm from China mainland.I wonder if I'm the only Chinese here. But believe me, we have a large group of CP fans here in China. I'm among them~~

My English is poor and maybe sometimes i can't express myself correctly,

Sorry about that~~

I know that China is a bit mysterious to you, so if you guys want to know anything about China, ask me, I'll try to answer you~

Thank u guys~~

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Hey Steve!!!


I'm Iris. Hope you have fun!!! Don't worry about your English, here you'll learn a lot about this language.

:idea2: wowww!! You would teach us some lessons about Chinese on the Internacional forum!!! It will be funny!!! lol

(well, it's only an idea)

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i didn't said it won't be cool' date=' i would like to learn chinese too. ;)[/quote']

I'm really enjoying my stay here,and you guys are so warm-hearted~

It's a bit different from some big Chinese forums(or we call them BBSs)

in a big forum, nobody will care about a new comer, and it takes long to be a real part of it~

Trust me, Chinese is really a great language~

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My design firm does a heck of a lot of business in China. Your English far exceeds anything we can do in Chinese, darling!


Great advantage for you guys! You can chatter away, and we will have no clue! If our schools ("public") were not so run by our government, (we do have free schools that is, schools free from government control, this is the meaning of freedom. These non-government-schools are just marginalized, though growing here) we'd already be speaking Farsi, Mandarin (at least) and one of the Indian and Vietnamese dialects. :rolleyes: But the government thinks we should speak, I dunno, French, or some such useless language. :rolleyes: The French are only useful to the Germans and the Russians. Go figure. :stunned:

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