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australian cp fans...(pre sale tix)


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I reckon the fastest way would be to logon to Ticketek before 9am and keep refreshing until it opens, and buy them that way. The site might be a little slow with all the traffic, but keep trying. If you have broadband, give them a call at the same time and see which one works out first. But I think the net is the best choice.

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Well looks like I'm going to have to buy with the general public too because idiots have abused the system by buying through the pre-sale when they weren't meant to, and now there's no tickets left for people like me who got the email! :angry: :cry:


Longest sentance ever btw lol.

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what makes the situation even worse for me is..

10th of october is the day i go back to school.. and thats the day we start the yr 10 school certificate trials.. THE FIRST DAY BACK FROM HOLIDAYS!! and ticketmaster opens at 9.. (ticket master.. you cant get the tix from ticketek if ur in syd) and thats when i have my english exam.

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