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Chris Martin's famed Yamaha GT20


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Hey... does anyone know where they still sell these? It's almost impossible to find any background information on them. Is that because the model was released years ago?




I've found a few webpages on it:





It seems pretty expensive. £2689.99 (4,734 US$). Or, is that a good deal for a professional-grade, album-recording-quality piano?


Will I have to go to an actual Piano Store to see if they sell it anymore? That's probably the most logical thing to do.


I'd just like to play The Scientist on the same exact piano they use. :)

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ha yeah iver searched for the piano and couldnt find much. they seem to like using rare instruments, their acoustics last year were discontinued jonny uses vintage thinlines and one in a color they dont even make as a reproduction he also has a jerry donahuie telecaster and chris lets him use his old vintage jazzmaster thats all beat up.

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You know what? They might just sell it in England... The Yamaha UK site still has a GT20 section up and running --> http://www.yamaha-europe.com/yamaha_europe/uk/10_musical_instruments/10_pianos/30_gran_touch/30_grantouch_upright_pianos/10_no_series/GT20/index.html


I wonder if they ship overseas... just for curiosity's sake, because I'm not a millionaire. :cry:

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