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File Conversions?


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Unless you want to make an mp3 CD you should not convert from one lossy format to another. You are going to lose quality on the way. If you use nero for burning (and I recommend it) you can get a plugin which allows you to burn rm files. Get it here


Usage instructions:


* Download the plugins you need

* Nero Burning ROM version or higher is required for all plugins.

* For Nero version 5, unzip the plugin DLL into "...\Ahead\Shared\AudioPlugins" directory.

* For Nero version 6, unzip the plugin DLL into "\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins" directory.

* Do not rename the files - The first two letters of the plugin DLL name must be "nx" in lower case, otherwise it won't be recognized by Nero Burning ROM.

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