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Hi folks!!!!!!!


This is my 1st post in this forum, let me introduce myself, my name is Saúl , I'm 15 , and I live in Mexico city... and...Coldplay's music is in my head all the days 24/7.


I have a small question to start participating in here :P Does anyone know if someone of the guys in the band (Chris, Jon, Will or Guy) took classes to learn how to play his instrument, or they tought themselves???????



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Yeah Chris had a piano teacher who taught him that not everyone needs to play classical music to be great, I guess he took that thought and rolled with it. As for Jonny, he was inspired by (yeah, this is the time to forget this kinda stuff) and took up Guitar. let's be glad they did :-)

It's all there in the Coldplay history section on this site

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