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I'm feeling 'e-alone'......


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You're not e-lonely anymore! *gives hug*


aahh!! You found me!!! *hugs back* there's plenty of Interpol love here.. but not as erm, uh.. obsessive.. as the kids back home.. lol check out the Interpol thread. lol Coincidentally.. I made that thread when I first got into them back in Sept. of last year I think :laugh3:

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Well many many people go through life being alone' date=' look around you, there's a lot of people, its not a crime to be alone, some of us have trouble is all, many people never marry till there thritys. You have us to, many people have no one to turn to. :)[/quote']



are you really 16? :thinking: wise words.. *hugs* :kiss:

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