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Coldplay Talk Video It Is Amazing


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well... I only have seen the images but I didn't heard the song!!!!


ueeeeeee, Aaron!!!! :wink3: :kiss: :kiss:


On the front of the Coldplayer, click the little thing with the two people:




And this will come up:




From there you can adjust the volume from 0% to 100%. Also, if you have "low" x'd off for video quality, you can check it off on high, to make it look a lot better, etc etc.


Hope this helps! :)

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It starts off a stary sky, everything is in balck and white, you see the band in a 50's martian space ship, Chris and Guy are wearing white shirts and Will and Johhny are wearing black shirts they are all wearing black pants, they have 3D glasses on, they land on this planet that looks like the moon. They take off their glasses and walk about carrying their instruments with them. Shinig these bright flashlights everywhere, Chris lies on his back with a speaker phone shining a light to another moon while singing, they then find this clearing with all these coral shaped fingers intertwining and reaching up and they look at them curiously. The band then finds this large 50's robot lying on its back while they stand on this ledge. They put on their glasses and look at it with inverted colors of green and red. They take off the glasses and Chris does a zero gravity jump onto the robot. The band follows. While Chris talks to the head, the band members steal a knog and put it in one of Wills drum. For a moment the lyrics appear backwards on the screen, they jump off and the Robot eyes light up and he rises with the band looking in shock. They walk away but the gigantic robot walks after them, his eye lights fall onto the band and the band spasms and rocks out in complete chaos. They stop and the Robot looks at a small mountain with an indentation that would fit him. The band walks away as the robot backs into the indentaion, they wave goodbye as they go to the spaceship and Johhny waves goodbye as the last one on the landing ramp. As the spaceship is taking off the Robot turns his first two knobs on his center chest but the third one isn't there, his eyes begin to spin and before the ship can fly away he lifts his hand and shoots electricity that draws the spaceship to his hand, he then brings it to his mouth while the band screams from a window, he takes a bite and then walks off whistling.

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an_cat' date=' thank you, it really helps to me!!!! :kiss: :kiss: Could you say me your name??[/quote']


You're very welcome! It's happened to me quite a few times. A lot of times it'll reset itself, so just be careful of that.


I'm Danielle, feel free to call me that! :)

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